Focus on eliminating Daesh

Daesh also known as IS is emerging as a major terror monster in the region as after gaining foothold in Afghanistan, the outfit is now on a terrorism spree outside the Afghan borders. After Sehwan Sharif attack which killed scores of people, the outfit claimed responsibility of the suicide attack in Mastung on Friday. The target of the attack was the motorcade of Deputy Chairman of Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri which resulted in the death of about twenty six people.
Given the history of violence and bloodshed witnessed by Mastung, the district is considered to be one of the most sensitive areas in Balochistan province but over the past few months, a complete calm was prevailing in the district due to the successful operation carried out by the security forces and the security arrangements put in place there. But Friday again saw the terrorists rearing their head in the district by trying to target the high profile personality who though remained safe in the attack except that he received minor injuries. Claim of responsibility by Daesh, however, should ring alarm bells in our relevant quarters. The outfit has carried out some of the worst bloodiest attacks in Europe and it has spread its tentacles in different regions of the world at a very fast speed. Time warrants that the Afghan and Pakistani authorities rise above their internal differences and jointly focus on this threat as any indifference could prove to be disastrous for our peoples. We understand the military officials on both sides have the realization of the threat and it was in this context that the meeting at the general headquarters on Friday stressed the need for coordinated efforts to eradicate threats posed by groups such as Daesh. We expect that these words will also be followed by some concrete steps on the ground with enhanced intelligence sharing and greater understanding of each other’s issues in order to eliminate the new monster in the bud. In the present circumstances, it has also become all the more important to engage the Afghan Taliban and bring them into the national mainstream in order to effectively fight the front opened by Daesh.

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