FO! Raise voice against RAW

LIKE some opposition political leaders who are not ready to directly blame India for Quetta carnage, Foreign Office too seems to be reluctant to say it clearly despite the fact that all indications point to the same conclusion. During his weekly news briefing on Thursday, FO spokesman Nafis Zakaria used diplomatic jargon in response to a question on the burning issue saying that involvement of foreign elements in cahoots with local contacts cannot be ruled out.
This is in sharp contrast to the categorical statement by Balochistan Chief Minister who pointed fingers towards RAW and said he would be raising the issue with the Prime Minister for further action. No doubt, it would be premature to accuse anyone for the dastardly terrorist attack and that too on a hospital and targeting those who fight legal battles. But there have been numerous attacks that were suspected to be carried out by Indian agents and their local collaborators and investigations have proved this and that’s why Pakistan prepared and presented dossiers to the world on the issue. However, it is quite evident that the Foreign Office is not pursuing the matter with the seriousness it deserves. It is even failing to comprehend the strategy adopted by the Indian External Affairs Ministry, which frequently blames Pakistan for so-called cross-LoC and cross-border terrorism just to divert attention of the international community from what New Delhi is doing against innocent and defenceless Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. If the Chief Justice of Pakistan has the information that RAW and Taliban agents are being recruited as security guards, then why the FO has no solid information about Indian involvement in Balochistan and Karachi. It is time to call a spade a spade and thoroughly expose Indian designs against Pakistan. We have been pleading in these columns that delegations consisting of Parliamentarians, politicians, public opinion makers and foreign policy experts should be sent abroad to sensitise the world community about atrocities against Kashmiris and these delegations should also expose Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. This should be done without losing further time as the country has already suffered a lot due to our passive approach.

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