Fly over at Rawal Chowk

I want to draw the attention of respected Prime Minster, Chairman CDA, Federal Minster for Planning towards the terrible traffic havoc running at Rawal Ckowk roundabout almost all the time. For heaven’s sake, please chalk out a plan for the urgent construction of flyover there. It is very important Chowk which connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi and gives opening to the vehicles coming from different directions. It is a central confluence which connects different roads with each other coming from different directions. Traffic is so reckless and rebellious that no driver gives the way to the vehicles coming from the other side. When there is traffic police regulating the traffic, majority feels relief. When there is no traffic police, there is jungle law. There is fear of severe accidents every second. Traffic always stucks up around the roundabout.
Traffic of one side is not ready to give way to the traffic of other sides unless there is presence of a regulator in the form of traffic Sargent there. Most of the time he seems helpless before the floods of vehicles rushing from all sides. Are we waiting for a major accident? Before it happens, we should start work on the construction of flyover.
I again request the Prime Minster to direct Planning & Finance Divisions and CDA for the construction of Flyover at this roundabout. If Flyover is not possible in near future then it is suggested that roundabout may be removed and proper Chowk by installing traffic lights at all four sides may be restored as other crossroads have. So that traffic may be controlled and regulated normally through signals from all sides. Otherwise law of jungle will continue. As a nation we need training and regulator at each step, as ever increasing population bomb and vehicles numbers have snatched decency from us.

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