Fly, don’t walk..!

SIR, said the employee to his boss, many years ago, “You don’t need to take a two week voyage by ship to reach England, “The plane will take you there much faster!” “But I am afraid to fly!” said his boss.
“Imagine the amount of business you can do in the time you save sir! Just get rid of your fear!” said the employee firmly. These words should be repeated to all of us, who refuse to move ahead with the latest technology; just get rid of your fear and move ahead!
Today you can speak to anyone you want, see their faces and chat all at the same time. Gone are the days of the letter, where people laboriously wrote long mails, posted it, and then waited for a reply. Gone are the days when you realized you hadn’t seen a son or daughter for years today you can sit in front of the computer screen and speak with them, see their children growing up and be in touch with their everyday life!
Many years ago, I was very much like that. I wrote with a pen, even had an old typewriter on which I typed out the column. I remember once a cousin of mine coming home and asking aghast, “What’s that strange noise Bob?” “My secretary typing!” I said sheepishly. She had laughed.
Then one day I went over to see my dad and mom in New York. What a shock I got when I visited his apartment in America and found he had mastered the computer. This was somewhere in the nineteen nine-tees. He then introduced me to a fascinating new world and I have always tried to learn a little more after that.
I watched his grey haired head busy poring over designs and graphics and using technology to its fullest. Unlike the youth of that time who only knew techniques, he had experience in art, was good at it, and was using technology to enhance his skills. I came back to India and joined the technological gang, and have never regretted a moment of having done so.
Today as I watch my daughter’s face on the screen talking to me thousands of miles away, I can make out if she’s worried or needs me to rush across. I can chat when I want to with classmates and when we meet its like we’ve never left college, we’re in touch everyday!
Technology has shortened, nay removed distances! Technology has shortened time. Technology has revolutionized the world.
Many of us who have seen both the old times and the present one, should be lucky, because we’ve seen growth, fast paced growth happening in front of our eyes.
If you’ve been someone who’s always shied away from computers and Whatsapp and other modern conveniences, throw out those fearful apprehensions, decide you’re going to master those paper monsters and keep abreast with technology! Fly, don’t walk..!
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