Flaws in education system

Razaullah Khan

Education is fundamental right of every citizen and constitutional responsibility of every government to provide it. Education plays a key role in the development of any nation. But unfortunately, there are many flaws in our education system such as public and private schools, allocation of funds, poverty and so on. During past decades there had been a huge increase in private schools all over the country, which caused discrimination among students. Students of private schools avail many facilities while majority of government schools lack basic necessities such as classrooms, chairs, laboratory equipment etc. Private schools offer all these facilities for students, though charge hefty amounts. It’s the responsibility of state to provide plentiful resources for better quality education to its citizens.
Secondly, funds allocated for government institutions are insufficient. Pakistan is among one of those countries in the world that spend least budget on education. This is one of the main reasons behind the failure of government schools. Government must increase its budget to 4% for betterment of public sector education.
Similarly, poverty is one of the main causes for dysfunctional education system in the country. As majority of people live below poverty line, they are unable to afford basic necessities of life, what to talk of education. This is the reason why poor people send their children to seminaries, which are not equipped for quality education. Many teachers of government schools are not well trained. People who don’t get job in any other sector get jobs in educational institution and not professionally trained and groomed they are unable to train their students.
Majority of government school teachers are not qualified enough to teach students properly. The incompetent teachers treat their students like animals. Shockingly, in rural areas, they engage their students in construction of their houses and other domestic activities. In many Schools the teachers have hired private teachers to teach in government schools as their substitutes, while they carry out their private businesses. The government must focus on capacity building of already recruited teachers and new teachers should be recruited on the basis of merit.
Our present curriculum is outdated one. For decades our government has not updated the curriculum in accordance with dynamics of contemporary world. Our curriculum and overall culture promote memorisation and it has no direct connection with practical life. Lack of technical education is also one of the major causes. Gender discrimination is also one of the major flaws in our education system.
Male educational intuitions are far greater in number than female’s. In Baluchistan, female literacy rate stands between 15 to 25%. Apart from this, the institution also suffer from sexism especially on part of teaching faculty. In our country women’s are only considered to just look after their children and remain within their houses rather than to get education. Curriculum must be updated in the light of needs of contemporary world. If we prepare our generation according to the needs of modern world, they can play an important role in the country’s progress.
— Laki Marwat, KP

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