Flaws in education system

Kindly allow me to draw the attention of the concerned authorities through the columns of your esteemed newspaper to the flaws in education system in Pakistan which is only producing job seekers instead of intellectuals. A multi-educational boards system is prevalent in the country. In Punjab there are nine educational boards working while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa there are seven boards. Each province has its own textbook board which prescribes textbooks. Thus the curricula content is different in every province. The entry tests system for medical colleges and engineering universities is different in each province. KP holds entry tests through the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency while in Punjab the entrance exam is done under university Health Sciences. The pattern of both texts is drastically different. In short there is chaos and no uniformity. There is a need for introducing a uniform, balanced and progressive educational system across the country. The same curriculum should prevail in all provinces. There should be a single entry test administered for admissions to higher institutions as is the practice in China, Japan and South Korea. Above all, we need to reform our educational system by innovation and character building if we want to see our youth play an active role in progress of Pakistan.

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