Flawed foreign policy!

Astonishingly, United States slapped sanctions on Kashmiri freedom fighter group Hizbul Mujahedeen (HM)! Washington also joined chorus with New Delhi urging Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used against other countries.
The world must recognize that – Pakistan is an independent and, also, an atomic power. Washington ignored knowingly, comprehensive dossiers shared by Pakistan, confirming India’s terrorism by sitting on Afghan’s soil. Who does not know that India is working in Afghanistan since independence – for sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan? Washington also did not take into account about arrest of Indian agent – a serving naval officer Jadhav who himself acknowledged terrorism activities in Pakistan along with a large number of his workers since long.
The US imposed sanctions on the leader of HM. There was/is no mention of legitimate aspirations of the Kashmiri people for their right of self-determination and state-sponsored terrorism against them since independence – because of Muslims! Doing so, Uncle Sam – claimer of justice – instead, slaughtering justice, fairplay and international law at the altar of commercial interests, of course. From Middle East visit US got order of $100b from Saudi Arabia and $12b from Qatar for killing each other – divide and rule. During Modi’s visit to Washington, sailed a transport carrier worth $366b, and 20 drones in addition for killing human beings in the sub-continent.
The entire world knows that India cut our eastern arm in 1971 – India became close to Russia and utilized Foreign Policy fully against Pakistan. And now India turned to Washington and benefitting quite-well, whereas we just react by calling High Commissioner of a country to the Foreign Office and hand over a mere protest note. I dare to suggest to our Foreign Minister (though appointed late – better late than never) Khawaja Muhammad Asif to prepare a strong team of scholars, keeping in hand documentary-films and the likes for visiting every Capital around the globe for convincing them about historical terrorism which is going-on in Indian-occupied Kashmiri for the last 70 years. The team should be a cluster of {civil, military, in-service, and retired personalities, even}.
Tatrinote, AK

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