Flag lowering at Wagha

M Rafique Zakaria

Be it 14th August or 23rd March, our television channels takes us live to Wagha and Ganda Singh border where guards of border security forces on both sides of the border displays their muscles and kick the ground as hard as they can. And audiences on both sides cheer and shout at the top of their voice “Pakistan Zibdabad” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.
I have been watching this exercise for decades now. On one hand both these countries, in diplomatic language, speak of establishing cordial relations, but on the other hand, they exhibit this muscle power, through such symbolic practices. How does all this by any means, serves as a step towards a mutual friendship? Guards of border security forces on both sides of the border, instead of making ugly and angry faces, should smile and go for a warm handshake that would send a message of peace and friendship amongst those watching the ceremony live or on their television sets.
Both countries have earned nothing from this show of strength and hate till date. It is high time both countries lower their respective flags with love and honour instead of cosmetic anger and hate.
— Via email

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