Fissures in PTI

DIFFERENCES in PTI are nothing new but these became starker on Sunday, when the some disgruntled members met in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Dawar Khan Kundi, MNA, and announced to hold a convention after Eid ul Azha in Peshawar for contacting the general public and the party workers. Similarly, founder group, meeting under the leadership of Akbar Babar, demanded accountability and restoration of the party’s constitution and ideology.
This was not the first occasion when difference among PTI were highlighted, as earlier too a number of party stalwarts have been fighting wars within the party for their own dominance and protection of their vested interests. It was mainly because of internal fissures and discord that the party faced ignominious defeat in AJK elections as well as by-elections against several vacant seats of National or Provincial Assemblies. There is also PTI Nazriyati Group and the party has not been able to hold internal elections as whenever attempt was made for the purpose, the differences came to the limelight forcing the Chairman to postpone them. There have also been complaints that decisions in PTI are made either by Imran Khan or a few persons around him and majority of leaders and workers are kept out of the loop. There are others who have genuine grievances against KPK Chief Minister and his style of governance but these remain unattended for the last three years. We have been pleading in these columns that instead of making hue and cry over issues like rigging and Panama Papers, PTI should concentrate on its own affairs as well as governance in KPK. However, Imran Khan seems to be surrounded by those who are taking him further away from the ordinary workers and the masses despite the fact that PTI has personalities in its folds that can contribute a lot in promoting cause of the party and that of the country.

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