Fighting street crimes

DESPITE continuing targeted operation against criminal elements in Karachi, the menace of street crimes continues to haunt the city. Year 2016 saw thirty eight percent and twenty four increase in mobile and car snatching respectively. All this speaks volume of the failure of Karachi police department.
Given the precarious situation, Sindh government has now reportedly decided to raise a special force of ten thousand to cope with this curse and give a sense of security to the people of Karachi. Though we appreciate the decision of the provincial government yet the results will only be visible if the force is raised while remaining above political considerations. Instead of accommodating its political workers, we expect the PPP government will make the recruitments of the personnel purely on merit as only a non political force equipped with the right kind of weapons and training can meet the challenge head on posed by these criminal gangs who are now also exploiting children to carry out the acts of mugging. At the same time, there is also need to take strict against the police officers who are providing patronage to these groups and to induct honest and dedicated personnel in police department so that it could effectively discharge its duties and ensure complete law and order situation in the city. In addition, the problem of street crimes is not confined to Karachi city only but the people are also being deprived of their precious belongings in broad daylight in big cities of Punjab and the federal capital. Responsibility rests with Punjab and federal governments to do the needful by enhancing patrolling and vigilance of police at all the areas in order to save the people from these ambushers.

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