Fighting street crimes

PUNJAB Government is expanding its revolutionary plan of Dolphin Police Force to five districts of the province so as to fight the growing street crime. Dolphin Squad, an upgraded and efficient force of Punjab Police against street crime, was already in action in Lahore and now it is being deployed to populous cities of Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Bahawalpur.
There is apparently heightened security all over the country due to on-going war against terror but still crime rate is increasing almost in every nook and corner of Pakistan. Street crime was once identified with Karachi but now it has spread to all major cities and towns where young people riding motor-bikes snatch purse of ladies, their jewellery, mobile phones, watches and cash and run away without fear of being chased or nabbed. The instance of street crimes is increasing despite police check posts at numerous places in all cities and towns and presence of mobile squads. In this backdrop, deployment of fully equipped and trained force in five cities besides provincial capital would surely have a deterring effect and people might heave a sigh of relief. Deployment of seven hundred individuals of the force means all busy roads, markets and bazaars can be covered and culprits apprehended. But mere creation of the force would not make a real difference until and unless the individuals are fully motivated to undertake the daunting task they have been assigned with. It is understood that those indulging in street crimes are also armed with pistols, revolvers and knives and include young thrillers who enjoy one-wheeling on busy roads, therefore, intercepting them would be a challenge. It has been reported that the deployment of DF in Lahore helped in reducing crime rate but there are also complaints of ill-planning, lack of resources and necessary training. As this model has been borrowed from brotherly country Turkey, we must study their case thoroughly and replicate it in Pakistan with necessary amendments as per our own ground realities and requirements.

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