Fight with facts and figures..!

WAS extremely happy to see the newspaper headlines this morning to find RBI governor Raghuram Rajan quietly asking, “Show me how inflation is low?” For over a month we’ve seen one of the best RBI governor’s India has ever had, getting the wrong end of the stick. He was labelled different names, accused of many misdeeds, yet kept a stoic silence, other than saying he wasn’t interested in another term as governor. But never once did he rise to the bait of hitting out at his adversaries in the same language they were trying to bash and batter him. But now he asks, “Give me facts and figures, how inflation is low, and I’ll give you facts and figures how wrong you are!” That’s the way to fight back.
Many years ago, I was served with a lawyers notice by a group of people in the housing society I live in. In the notice they made all sort of accusations, and as I read it I started becoming furious, and by the time I reached the lawyer’s office, I had planned a hundred ways to hit back at them, including breaking down their homes especially their unauthorised structures. “Sit down Bob,” said the famous lawyer, “Now read their notice again after you have relaxed! And this time read only the facts and figures!”
I did, and saw that there was nothing relevant in anything that they had written. “The reason why they have written all this nonsense,” said the learned lawyer who is now a judge, “Is that when you react in anger, they will latch on to some phrase or counter charge you hastily make and get you caught!”
Fight with facts and figures! Propaganda and rumours are powerful tools used by people, but become useless when those same false ideas are fought back with solid facts. How we will always remember Raghuram Rajan will be as a brilliant RBI governor, who refused to be drawn into a dirty brawl. How we will remember those who called him names will be as jealous ones who just wanted to pull him down.
There are two ways to fight a dirty mob, one is to be silent and allow the mob to string you up on a tree and hope that martyrdom will show how good a man you are, or you don’t react to the weapons of your adversaries with the same weapons they use, but fight back with facts and figures. Like Rajan, you will win, even if it’s not the same day..!

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