Fight against sexual exploitation

Vinod C Dixit
Ahmedabad, India

March 4 was observed as World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation in order to create awareness against sexual exploitation, which overwhelmingly involves women and children. Every day we come across news reports that many women, girls and often young boys, are trapped by international criminal networks. They exploit them sexually, traffic them and enslave them.
Every year nearly a million people are sexually exploited. The expression exploitation shall include any act of physical exploitation or any form of sexual exploitation, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, or the forced removal of organs. Incidences like sexual abuse by near relatives, co-habitation with near or dear friends and subsequent decline of marriages and issues relating to illegal pregnancy etc are the real fact, the information of which remains mostly in darkness. In addition, girl students molested by teachers or repeated sexual abuse by anti-social activists are also an unfortunate reality. Education is one of the powerful tools in the liberation and the empowerment of women. It is the single utmost factor which can amazingly improve the position of women in any society. It is to be remembered that a nation’s progress and prosperity can be evaluated by the way it treats its women.

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