Areeba A.Siddiqui

Any move or law aimed at preserving and procting the rights of women is not about female superiority or taking away the rights of men or to have same jobs as men have. It’s about equality. It’s about the way women are regarded in everyday life. If we generally look upon the status of those countries and communities in which women empowerment is encouraged are the most successful ones because the whole of the nation works together and earns together without being biased and enjoying the equality depending upon wealth or power, because their govts and policy makers believe in giving equal right to everyone.
If we talk about as an individual person, a belief of feminism and the Bill for curbing violence against women have restored the faith of those women who were beaten-up, harassed or abused at the very young age but this platform has given them a new life that all the men and women are equally important for a nation but this not only goes for the whole nation but individually both male or female should give each other the same respect or honour. It helps to promote the feeling of love and grants more freedom. This might be one of the greatest causes for the rise in popularity of gender non-discrimination or not identifying exclusively with either man or woman. Because of this, both genders feel more comfortable with exploring who they are wholly and completely. This should also be practice in our country so it will help in its development and progress.

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