Female institutions initiate their role in tree plantation

Female institutions of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, fully implementing the government’s initiative of “Billion Tsunami Tree” to make the country green, actively launched the tree plantation to pay their segment’s part in national cause.
Talking to APP the Principal Islamabad Model College for Girls,Dr Nasreen Rafique said her staff and students were enthusiastically involved to plant trees in the college premises. They were also taking this cause to their communities which was more encouraging to achieve the designated goal.
She said the Prime Minster Imran Khan’s initiative was voluntarily been taken by the education institutions and it would also help sensitize our coming generations as the Alma-maters were nurseries to inject spirit for such type of national goals.
She said the college has planted thousands of saplings to encourage the female students to be part of this drive to achieve the set target. Andlib Abbas, senior PTI leader said eliminating environmental pollution was imperative to provide people healthy environment and in this regard educational institutions’ role was of great importance. She also appreciated the country’s female segment’s active participation with shoulder to shoulder male.
She however urged nation not to take rest till the achievement of the goal targeted to plant five billion trees in the country in next critical five years.
She further said that our country was among the most affected ones from global warming in Asia and only afforestation could help us compete the negative impacts that the nation may face in coming years.—APP

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