FBR urged to reactivate ADRC


KARACHI : The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) in its Pre-Budget Proposals has urged the government to reactivate the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) and provide the taxpayers an easy and efficient mechanism for resolution of tax related disputes, outside the court of law and liquidate huge amount of tax arrears.

The FPCCI pre-budget proposals are being prepared by the FPCCI Advisory Council under the Chairmanship of Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir, Sr. Vice President, FPCCI.

The proposals argued that a huge amount of tax arrears is lying pending for liquidation and payment to both the stakeholders – Taxpayers and FBR – due to inordinate delay in completion of litigation process. It added that the active and prominent members be selected from legal fraternity, public, FBR and private sectors (FPCCI & Chambers) and their Proper rules may be framed for formation of the Committee, scope of work, conduction of ADRC proceedings, stay of matter/demand, disposal of application by the ADRC Committee, retention of record, remuneration for members of ADRC etc.

The FPCCI elaborated that being an independent, unbiased and trustworthy body because of the nature of its composition (FBR officials and other experts from public and private sectors) ADRC will have a very strong element of credibility and hoped that the efficient use of ADRC will have a solitary effect on generation of more taxes to the Government Exchequer, quick disposal of longstanding pending cases in court of law, reduction in litigations and court cases.

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