Fazlur Rehman’s queer demand

JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman has come out with a queer demand – hand over governance to his party, as this is the only way out to eliminate corruption. Speaking at Ulema convention in Quetta, he said Panama Leaks revealed offshore companies of many people but JUI-F has none.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman is a seasoned politician and has been playing his role in national politics and affairs. His party also had an opportunity to rule KP and remained coalition partner both at the Centre and in Balochistan. However, the party left no positive or favourable imprint on the minds of general public as corrupt practices were more visible during those periods. Otherwise too, Maulana himself is known to be doing politics of self-interest and it is rightly or wrongly believed that instead of principles he shifts loyalties on the basis of vested interests. Maulana’s claim that non-inclusion of any name from his party in the list divulged by Panama Papers means clean reputation is not correct. Some of the names mentioned in these papers, cannot be dubbed as corrupt and similarly those outside can also be not considered to be clean or honest. People of Pakistan know each and every politician and political party on different yardsticks. We would urge Maulana Fazlur Rehman that he should better concentrate on principled-based politics. His present approach sends confusing signals to the people as to whether he is behaving as a coalition partner or as an opposition party. One is fully entitled to criticise wrong policies of government but at the same time expected to support government when so required.

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