Fazl’s reservations over Afghan’s repatriation

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—Maulana Fazal ur Rehman , president of Jamiat ul Ulemae Islam has shown serious reservations on the repatriation of Afghan DP’s and said that the way they are being sent back is a worst example of “ cruelty” and it should be an honorable way .
He questioned that if there is peace if Afghanistan then why not US and allied forces are leaving the country which still in war and due to wrong policies of the US and their allies, the each and every piece of land in Afghanistan speaks about the bloodshed on the soil of Afghanistan. This he said here at Abbottabad on Wednesday while addressing the workers convention held for the preparation of 100 years celebrations of JUI to be held at Peshawar.
Fazal-ur-Rehman said that country is facing different kinds of war on different fronts for which he stressed upon the nation to be united and fight against the ill evils of the society with the power and strength of Islam and Sharia.
Currently at worldwide, enemies of the Islam are bent upon to impose their own agenda for which US is the main architecture and wants to change the dimension and geographical re-adjustment as the only and one supreme power but the US will never succeed.
While giving more weight to his plea about the policy of Pakistan Government regarding sending back the Afghan “Guests” who are treated as “Brothers” said that still more than 2 million registered and 1.5 million un-registred our guests are in the country and our all 40 forty years hospitality is going to be ruin with only one stick forceful strike to sent them back to Afghanistan. Fazal-ur-Rehamn said the issue of repatriation of the Afghans to be settled politically and bu using diplomatic channels .

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