Fazal’s logical question

CHIEF of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman has raised a pertinent question — whether Panama issue is a campaign against corruption or campaign against removal of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Talking to newsmen outside Parliament House in Islamabad on Monday, he pointed out that the entire focus seems to be on ouster of the elected Prime Minister.
JUI-F leader, who is a seasoned politician with intimate knowledge of what is happening in the corridors of power, is justified in highlighting the issue of lopsided accountability. In the first place, name of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appeared nowhere in Panama Papers but attempts are being made to rope him in through different tactics. If accountability is the priority then one would be right in asking why those who digested billions and even not spared pilgrims have been spared and granted bails by courts? There are personalities who are nicknamed for corruption but no one is talking about them or recovery of the looted money. If the Prime Minister has done something wrong then law of the land should take its own course but what about others. On the basis of media reports, one can also draw conclusion that the proceedings of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) against the Prime Minister and his family are also discriminatory and humiliating in nature. The JIT head levelled serious allegations of tempering of record by some institutions and the Supreme Court bench passed harsh remarks but both the JIT Chief and the bench easily skipped over the serious issue of picture leak. The claim that the official concerned has been identified and sent back to his department would not be sufficient to bury the issue as it is acknowledgement of jaundiced working of the JIT. Similarly, the opposition parties especially PTI are only interested in the accountability of the Prime Minister and his family as their removal from political scene would help fulfil their dream of grabbing power. This also shows they are not sure of coming to power through normal democratic process and have pinned their hopes on others to do their job.

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