Faulty project planning

PUNJAB Government has not been able to launch shuttle buses for metro bus service in Rawalpindi due to lack of parking space for such buses. The provincial government had planned to run a shuttle service in the last fiscal year on 14 routes, from Rawat, Soan and Pirwadhai bus stands, the railway station and the airport, as well as some other areas to facilitate people in using the metro bus service.
Metro bus is a beneficial project as millions of people use it every month and has led to mitigation of travellers’ woes especially civil servants, businessmen, students and ladies, who are now availing a decent travelling facility at reasonably low fare. However, the full potential of the project has still not been exploited as the route is far away from scores of localities and people are unable to reach metro stations due to non-availability of proper transport for the purpose. The Punjab Government plan was indeed a fair solution, as shuttle buses would have linked these frequent travellers to nearest metro stations yet failure of the project indicates lacuna in planning and execution of Metro Bus facility. The provision of bus stands and parking places would have been there at the planning stage but the idea struck relevant officials afterwards. This is also the case in many other projects, PC-Is of which are amended during execution stage raising their cost alarmingly and also delaying their implementation. There are also projects like the new Islamabad Airport where faulty design have rendered the airport incapable of accommodating take off by two aircraft at a time. All this is happening despite the fact that projects go through a cumbersome process of scrutiny and approval including Planning Commission. This non-professionalism and lethargy must be shunned for greater good of the country.

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