Faulty framework of govt versities

Subul Tabassum

‘The private universities are doing better than the government universities in Pakistan’ is a narrative to be considered for Pakistan’s progressive future. Pakistan possesses multiple educational setups that are so complex in nature. Still in this modern era there are many deficiencies and weaknesses in these educational systems that cause a lot of problems for the students adopting them. Talking about government and private universities of Pakistan, there is a large difference in the teaching system and environment of both. The educational system adopted by the government universities lags far behind the needs of modern age and international standards, thus rendering it as be least effective. While on the other hand despite fact that major purpose of private universities is business; they are still providing better environment and opportunities to the students for meeting requirements of the modern age and international standards.
The major reason behind this issue is that our government universities do not get enough funds while private universities have high fee structure, which is almost hardly affordable for many students. But in this way these private but commercially motivated institutions can afford every need and requirement of the modern era to keep their standard high. There is no balance and because of this issue the students of government universities are facing discrimination; even at the time when they try to seek better career opportunities the students of private universities are preferred to the students of the government instittions.

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