Fault is in ourselves

Maryam Imran

Pakistan has been faced with political unrest and bad governance for the past years due to incompetence of our leaders but the question here is who must be held answerable for this cause and current status which implies our downfall day by day. Is it really just our leaders? Perhaps yes but then there’s another question: who chose them for us? Which indeed is ourselves only.
We are pretty much blinded by the goals of a certain person whom we decide to follow unaware of what our ideals are meant to be, therefore we are never able to sort out the right person. Leaving it aside, let us see how much we are contributing for our country on our behalf. We can lie to each other, we can cheat, be unjust and unfair, victimize others and flee punishment, ignore the poor, hatred, jealousy, revenge, feelings which are common between us all, all of these things which a person who claims to lead us, no matter how much incompetent he might be, would never tell his people to do.
So who is the bigger figure in spotlight, it is us of course. Have we ever thought of sorting out ourselves before blaming those who govern us? This can be answered by us all on equal terms. Our religion has forbidden us of these reputed vices equally, it is not the duty of one person to enforce or convey this to the rest with responsibility resting on his shoulder only. Therefore many of us might think that people are a reflection of those who rule over us but the truth is ‘it is the ruler who reflects his people’. Pakistan was not created by the will of our great leaders only but ‘freedom’ was a dream of everyone, those who lived and died for it.

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