Kiran Fatima

To contribute towards prevention of violence against women, it simply takes more than being just a non-violent man, whereas it requires complete understanding of factors, which contribute to violence directed towards women. For such purpose, it is the need of the hour to change, adopt new beliefs and attitudes required to put behaviours in line with the continuous efforts to eradicate violence. Fatherhood serves such purpose. As what it takes to be good father, is not only restricted to just being non-violent, but also their role extends to contribute on their part to put an end to violence against women. Being father, a man has a close relationship with wife and children; they are in better position to reflect on issues of masculinity and gender-discrimination.
They are apt to do much more than being non-violent and can effectively contribute towards prevention of violence. Generations back, we thought that a father only works outside home and he was the only bread-winner of the family. It was not expected of him to contribute more than just minimal amount of work at home. With evolving concept of fatherhood, this notion was shattered and men are responsible equally with women to play their part in upbringing and nurturing children.
It has been shown that fathers who are involved in lives of their children have the ability to make their children understand the importance of healthy and equality based relationships. This shift and transformation have a positive impact on feminism. As women are working outside home, they expect their male counterparts to do their share of domestic work and childcare. This shifted concept is not just important to children, but also important to women in families. It is well considered the part of long-term solution to ending violence. We will be able to witness less violence in society as more men focus on care-giving, nurturing and making efforts to bring up their children as better human beings. It ultimately results in less violence against children and women.

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