FATA reforms

Shahid Ali
Bajaur Agency

The government is all set to make radical changes to the administrative setup of Federally Administered Tribal Areas ( FATA). According to the proposed changes, FCR will be annulled and the area will be brought into the mainstream. At this critical moment, two important issues need to be taken into account: the first issue relates to good governance and the second to safety measures for the common man. As regards first issue, loopholes in governance should be removed and unbridled powers of bureaucracy must be checked.
Radical changes need to be made to the government’s rule-of-business; these include maximum transparency and lesser secrecy in day-to-day business, measures to eliminate red-tapism, accountability of the powerful elite and reservation of rigorous punishment to the wrong-doers. Besides, laws and regulations regarding good governance and transparency i.e. RTI Law, FIA Act, NAB Ordinance must be extended to the area. Strict application of these measures will be tantamount to the solution of the second issue.
This will instil a sense of security into common man. From the controlled, answerable and subject-to-punishment bureaucracy will come the liberation for the common man. These issues need to be taken into account before introducing any system in FATA. Failing to do so will yield nothing for ordinary man; He will, then, be ‘the Mango Kochwan’ (Eng;coachman) of the short story ‘Naya Qanoon’ (Eng; New Law) of Saadat Hasan Manto. For whom, ‘The Naya Qanoon’ brings nothing substantial.

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