FATA merger

Durand Line is place which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. This border was formed by the British rulers when they were leaving. The problem is that Afghanistan doesn’t recognize it as international boarder. They say that the border was temporary and most of the cities in KP come under Afghanistan.
The areas which touch with this border are FATA areas which enjoy semi-autonomous status. Pakistan has threat from Afghanistan because they have got the support of CIA, MI6, RAW and they are constantly interfering in these areas.
The solution to this problem is merger of FATA with KP. This will not only help the government impose the state law but will also help them to develop the entire region. Because FATA is one of the most under-developed regions of Pakistan and according to current law the people of FATA cannot register a case against any politician in the Supreme Court; the people will able to exercise their rights after this merger.
FATA’s merger will bring different sections of people together because FATA has population of 5 million according to the new censes and these people belong to 7 different agencies which will not only increase the population of KP but also will bring diversification. The Government will make more revenue from these areas and will also implement anti-smuggling laws and reduce drug trafficking.

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