Fata Bill historic, momentous step forward towards speedy justice


The lawmakers of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and FATA here Monday termed FATA Bill 2017 passed by the National Assembly with overwhelming majority was a historic and significant step forward towards provision of speedy and inexpensive justice to all litigants of tribal areas. Sardar Aurangzaib Nalota, PML(N) Parliamentary Leader in KP Assembly told APP that credit for passing of the historic bill goes to PMLN government that has fulfilled yet another promises made with tribesmen.
He said extension of SC and PHC was the long standing demand of people of FATA that was fulfilled today by PML(N) government. ‘The opponents had made fun when PML(N) leadership announced to bringing reforms in FATA, and passing of the bill has now put to an end to malicious propaganda and point-scoring politics of the opponents.’ ‘All those elements, who raised catchy slogans of long marches and sits ins on the name of FATA reforms have completely failed to provide any kind of relief to people of FATA and passing of this historic bill by PML (N) has buried propaganda politics of all such elements and made politics of political jugglers issue less,’ he said.
‘Except PML (N), all political parties have completely failed to provide any kind of constitutional relief to people of FATA during their respective regimes,’ he said. No political party had considered or even thought to extend SC and PHC’s jurisdiction to FATA during last 70 years despite many problems faced by tribal people and litigants were left at the mercy of political agents and assistant political agents in all tribal agencies and Frontier Regions to get justice. Nalota said PMLN is the only party that had constituted a high-level committee led by fomer PM advisor on Foreign Affairs Sirtaj Aziz that had visited all tribal agencies, frontier regions and met with all stakeholders besides made extensive deliberations to make Fata bill and reforms acceptable to all.
The bill had paved the way for abolishment of the century-old draconian Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) which was the long standing demand of tribesmen besides major step towards merger of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The PMLN leader said fulfilling of the 70 years old problem of Fata was possible due to democratic elected government, adding democracy was the only system that can protect people’s rights besides expediting pace of economic development.—APP

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