Fasting in China, M/o RA falls to propaganda

A delegation of Ministry of Religious Affairs has left for China to check veracity of media reports that Chinese authorities have banned fasting in the holy month of Ramazan in the Muslim-majority Xinjiang province. Chinese Government has formally requested Pakistan to send a delegation to Xinjiang to ascertain facts regarding observance of Ramazan in the province.
The very fact that the Chinese Government itself asked Pakistan to send a delegation to verify reports about China banning fasting in Xinjiang exposes falsehood of the propaganda unleashed every year by Western media on the issue. But it is rather strange on the part of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to have sent a delegation for physical verification when Chinese themselves have volunteered for the purpose. We should have believed them and must not have fallen prey to vested Western propaganda, which is unleashed on the eve of Ramazan every year with the apparent objective of inciting sentiments of Muslims around the world against China. This is despite the fact that the Chinese Government, on more than one occasions, explained in detail that there was no such ban but the propaganda persists as its real objective is to tarnish image of Beijing. Instead, a schedule of fasting for Muslims including those in Xinjiang province is issued by the Government and there is no interference in the religious rites or rituals of Muslims. Secondly, in our view, every sovereign country is within its right to deal with its local issues keeping in view the sensibilities of local citizens. It is hallmark of the Chinese system that every citizen is treated equally and all communities and regions are developed on equal footings. It is because of this that there is remarkable harmony among a multitude of communities in China and all of them are working together to take their country to new heights of progress and development.

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