Farooq’s re-election

MQM-P re-elected Dr Farooq Sattar as its Convener in the intra-party polls on Sunday after a disagreement between two groups in the party over Senate election nominations led to a rift between Farooq Sattar led faction and Bahadurabad faction. The party is in hot waters over the last few months. Besides serious differences within the MQM-P, some of its leaders already has parted ways with it and joined Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).
Dr Farooq Sattar indeed is an experienced and seasoned politician and parliamentarian and we understand the fresh mandate to him will strengthen his hands to mellow down the current tension within the party. Referring to the party’s 2016 split from its London Office after founder Altaf Hussain made incendiary anti-Pakistan statements, Dr Farooq Sattar was confident on Sunday that just like the party was saved on August 23, the February 18 intra-party elections will rescue the party. There is no doubt that the MQM holds strong mobilising potential in Karachi and has traditionally been the dominant political force in the city. Besides being the second biggest party in the Sindh province, the party has kept its influence over Pakistan’s federal government as a key coalition partner since the late 1980s. However, anti-Pakistan statements of its founding leader Altaf Hussain, at the behest of Indian lobby and RAW, badly affected image of the party. To save the party Farooq Sattar, who earlier used to defend Altaf Hussain, disassociated from him and formed MQM-P. Now after re-election as the Convener, the main task before Dr Farooq Sattar is to keep the party united but for that he definitely will have to take all party leaders along giving respect and consideration to dissenting voices. We are not in favour of dissolution of any political party as this creates a vacuum which becomes difficult to be filled. There are very experienced and educated people in MQM-P that can contribute to development of the economic hub of the country. Another task that Farooq Sattar will have to undertake is to improve party’s image amongst the masses by firstly ridding it of the elements having any criminal record. Other leaders will also have to support Farooq in order to enter the next general election with full vigour and force.

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