Farooq Sattar accuses govt of maltreating Karachi


Launches 100-day city dev programme

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—MQM Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar has appealed federal and provincial governments to end their policy of discrimination, and give back the Megapolis what it deserved. Addressing a press conference, Sattar listed a number of complaints Sunday in support of his contention, highlighting that a city of 20 million souls, feeding federation to the extent of 67 percent, and Sindh province to the extent of 98 percent. This was a gross injustice, which must now end, he pleaded. He lamented that Urdu speaking populations, inhabiting Karachi in bulk, and still being labeled as Muhajirs after making this city and the country their permanent home. “They are being wittingly or unwittingly subjected to discrimination in terms of employment, in terms of project financing, and in terms of development, which if done properly, would raise the city’s level to those of the prestigious ones of the world. He said that instead of attending to its problems, the Sindh government had adopted an unjust policy towards a city which it proudly calls as the seat of capital for the southern province, and yet remains oblivious of its genuine needs. This is double standard.
Citing examples of arbitrariness, he said for long an organization like Karachi Development Authority remained ineffective, and now that it has been revived, its management board remained devoid of local representation. Similarly, the Solid Waste Management Board,needs to be reconstituted to have elected members of assemblies and of local government on it.
He said that MQM Pakistan, which is a political party, with massive representation from Urdu speaking people, had decided on its own to launch a 100-day programme for development and cleaning within its limited resources for uplifting the face of the city, presenting a pathetic look for the present.
Its members, including of the parliament or assemblies, its deputy mayor, and ordinary rank and file, will despite shortage of funds, will, from their own resources, try and reconstruct the damaged roads, and clean the garbage, whose dumps is creating hygienic problems in the city. He asked the federal and the provincial governments to release funds in larger quantity for Karachi, But MQM Pakistan, instead of waiting for that, will launch its rehabilitation programme, details of which will be announced within a couple of days.

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