Farooq complains against election commission, PPP


Salahuddin Haider

The leader of MQM Pakistan Dr Farooq Sattar, accused on Wednesday the Election Commission of Pakistan with bias and feared that the policies being pursued by the ruling People’s Party in Sindh, were all tilted towards its candidate Saeed Ghani.
Every attempt is being made to rig the elections, and police have been harassing, intimidating, and ever preventing MQM Pakistan workers from doing their normal duties of campaigning for MQM nominee in the bye-elections, scheduled for July 9, this Sunday.
The polls, barely four days from now, will be a litmus test for all, but principally for MQM, which had unchallenged supremacy over Karachi electorate for 37 long years. The seat had been held by MQM, but defections and dissentions in its ranks, had gone against its interest in recent months.
However Sattar looked confident of his party’s victory, saying the turn out will prove that point, and MQM will bring out a massive rally as show of strength to prove that it had remained unhurt and that despite conspiracies, and hurdles, remains the most dependable party for city voters.
The contest will be among four main contestants, MQM, PPP, PTI and Jamat-i-Islami, all vying to catch maximum number of seats from country’s sensitive city and its economic capital where business, commerce, banking, trade, and ports have been the mainstay.
He said that election commission is not fair and has been showing obvious bias towards the ruling party, Perhaps it too has been swayed by slogans from other parties, and considers MQM as spent force. It is not, It is still the most popular party and results of July 9 voting will clear all doubts and suspicions for those harbouring such thoughts.
Its nominee, Taisori, is a businessman, and a fresh entrant into MQM. However, his political career is like searching for details into his credentials, but Saeed Ghani, with the help of the party, and obviously under instructions from party leadership of Zardari and Bilawal, has made new roads, and done considerable work in the constituency.
However, MQM controls the biggest workforce, which if turns out in number, will be a force to reckon with.
Sattar said that those suffering from illusions will have their dreams shattered on the night of July 9 when results will be announced. There are chances that army may control polling both within and outside the polling stations.

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