Farmers vow to fight for their rights

Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin

Farmers from different villages across the district have vowed to organize and strengthen their unity for protection of their rights. The farmers said this during a meeting held at Sohawa Jamlani village Friday.
Shahid Gondal said they have decided to form an organization with name of “Kisan Ithad” In this respect a farmer’s convention would be held in the last quarter of February. He said there is no organization in the district that truly represents farmers and fight for their rights.
He said there is fake organization namely Kisan Board which is extension of Jamat Islami. Its office bearers are not elected and serve as tools of district administration and industrialists for their own interests, he added. They have never worked for defending rights of farmers. He said due to corrupt practices of revenue departments and influence of industrialists, traders, sugar mills, farming community was facing difficult situation. Wherever they go they are exploited.
Patwari, policeman even staff of newly set up computerized land record centres are not functioning transparently. For obtaining copies of record of right or mutation, one has to spend the whole day waiting for his turn. To get the entries in revenue records corrected or updated one has to visit several offices for years.
He said farmers would now unite on one platform and fight for their rights. No one would be allowed to blackmail them and falsely implicate them in litigation and criminal cases.
Corrupt officials would be pointed out and every possible effort would be made to get them punished by competent authorities under the law.

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