Fantasy, dog and helicopter



Naveed Aman Khan

IT is an admitted bitter fact that our leadership is not prepared to handle and solve gigantic internal, regional and strategic issues. It is again another fact that the United States of America is the most important and major role player of the world undoubtedly. Good or bad relationship with America matters. On recent official visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo we observed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s casual behaviours with American delegates. The Premiere shook hand very casually with Mike Pompeo and stepped ahead to take his chair. Feeling the notable mistake of the Premier, an official indicated Imran to shake hand with the second US dignitary. The Premiere again casually shook hand and moved to take his seat. For the next time the Premier was signalled to shake hand with the next US dignitary.
Pompeo stayed in Islamabad for just four hours and left for New Delhi on a two-day visit without issuing a joint statement or holding a press briefing. After having meeting with Pompeo, Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his interaction with media, tried his level best to portray gloomy picture of the meeting. Our politicians always make their nation fool. What US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in New Delhi was entirely opposite of the uttered words of Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad. Mike Pompeo’s visit to Islamabad was followed by New Delhi and Kabul. In New Delhi, Indian and American officials once again blamed that Pakistan was involved in Mumbai, Uri and Pathankot incidents. It was added that Pakistan was patronizing its terrorist groups and have its proxies in the region. It was also said that Pakistan was the only problem in the region. It was said on Indian soil. These are very serious allegations.
After any such negative situation, Pakistan is always seen on a weak and defensive ground. After this negative situation, Pakistan stands nowhere. Pakistan’s political and diplomatic policies depend upon the actions and moves of America, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and China. American and Indian lobbies are vigilantly active in their anti-Pakistan and anti-CPEC poisonous propaganda warfare. It is true that Pakistan has China and Russia cards in its hands but Pakistan is unable to benefit itself from these cards. It is again true that China has its economic, political and diplomatic relationship and benefits with India and America. China has invested trillions of dollars in India and America. After the initiation of China, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar One Belt one Road route, China and India are going to start railways service. It reflects priorities of China in the region. For the sake of blunders and inefficiencies of Pakistan, China will never spoil its relationship with India and America. This approach and expectation that China may review its relationship with India and America for the sake of Pakistan will be very illogical and understandable. We have not understood the complications and sensitivities of the internal and external issues as an important visionary nation. Pakistan is facing grey list issue. In this situation even China could not rescue Pakistan which reflects that we need to seriously review ourselves. We will have to come out of sentimental and imaginative world. We are dealing and facing practical nations of the world. We ourselves are responsible of our disaster. We should not blame others including media. Imran Khan is happy in flying with his dog in helicopter from PM House to Bani Gala and Bani Gala to back PM House. He is happy in eight eight hours long briefings from his friends. But he has not learnt delicacies and standards of politics and diplomacy yet.
In international political and diplomatic matters, postures and gestures of Heads of the Government and State matter. These postures and gestures have specific diplomatic and political languages and meanings. Imran Khan as Prime Minister and leader of Pakistani nation is selected to represent country and the nation. He will have to deal with China and President Xi Jinping, America and President Trump, India and Premier Modi, Russia and President Putin, Saudi Arabia and King Salman so on and so forth. Is Imran Khan a polished, groomed and experienced politician expert in art of politics and diplomacy? Will he be able to understand depth of strategic complicated matters? We need to maintain balanced pleasant multilateral political and diplomatic relationship with different nations of the world at a time to move ahead as an advance compatible country and the nation. We have not prepared ourselves to deal with super power America, world powers and neighbours with clarity. We don’t follow set and prescribed certain State owned foreign and interior policies. We followed America for seven long decades and learnt nothing. Now we are following China but here again we are not ready to learn anything. Chinese are very committed, composed and cool nation. They think a lot but utter very few words. They don’t believe in fantasy and we don’t come out of it. We do nothing except long speeches and discussions.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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