False statement

Recently, the Leader of Opposition in National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Shah made a marvellous statement wherein he maintained, “If you want to see development, see Sindh.” I’m still unable to understand that on which planet that Sindh exists, which he is talking about. However, if he has uttered this all about Sindh in which he lives, so let me clear that the so-called comments are baseless. I just want to clear all that, ironically, Sindh is very backward, especially rural Sindh. This is enough to substantiate my claim that a large number of schools, of course in government sector, stand closed.
Hundreds of schools are without boundary, hundreds have no {even} washrooms and a massive whopping number of schools are deprived of potable water. Out of total number of government schools almost 75% have no playground while 98% have no laboratory facilities. Besides, a high number of schools are not provided with library at all. Thus, think do such conditions prevail in any other province. The answer is big NO. I just want to request our leaders that please don’t make such statements which are contrary to the true picture.
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