Fake housing scheme

Hussain Thebo

I wish to invite the attention of Government of Sindh in respect of scheme-42 of Layari Development Authority which exits only on paper. Hundreds of citizens have made the payment of plots and completed all requirements according to the terms and conditions of LDA. Here I would like to quote the example of Plot No. 334, Category-R, Block 60-C, of 120 sq yards regarding which after making full payment, possession orders too have been issued but no piece of land is available.
On the other hand Javed Nagori, MPA from Layari has also issued allotment orders and possession orders to his supporters for scheme 42. Five years have elapsed the allottees of scheme 42 are still waiting for a piece of land for which they have paid full amount. It appears that under the umbrella of Government of Sindh, a systemic and planned fraud is being committed in respect of various housing schemes. Is there anyone in the Province to redress this grievance?

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