Fake godmen

There are many fake godmen in every religion but nowadays there are lots of cases, which have forced me to say that there are many fake godmen in Hinduism. Actually what happens is that for many people, illness or bad luck means a visit to a godman, a religious ascetic thought to have supernatural powers. There are over five million godmen and godwomen in India wandering streets and holy sites throughout the country, by some estimates, each offering advice for common problems and cures for health ailments. While many people believe in and rely on the cures and customs of godmen, others say they use gimmicks to cheat innocent people. Despite an anti-superstition law that has set fines and jail time for offenders since 2003, many people still expect the religious men to solve their problems. I think, people should regard their parents as gods as there is no religion other than humanity.
Mumbai, India

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