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Eye specialist urge regular eye examinations to avoid vision loss

EYE specialist Monday urged people to undergo regular eye examinations to prevent vision loss and other eye-related complications in future. “It is important for everyone, including children, to have regular and comprehensive eye exams to identify avoidable eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. People with diabetes especially need to maintain proper eye care to avoid retinopathy or vision impairment or loss,” Senior Consultant and Eye surgeon Capt Dr Mohammad Talib Sheikh said talking to a private news channel.
Eye care becomes more important with age, he notes. Not only does vision tend to change, but the likelihood of developing sight-threatening eye conditions or diseases increases as well. Primary care providers are important partners with eye care specialists in advising high-risk adults about when to see an eye doctor, specialist says.
Dr said that eyes are the most precious and sensitive gift of the nature given and we should also take care of it in the most responsible manner. He said that every person should ensure proper and regular checkup of eyes.
“Simple steps such as taking medications as prescribed, staying physically active, and maintaining a healthy diet can prevent or delay vision loss,” said Doctor .
He also said, parents and caregivers to watch for signs of digital eye strain in children, which can cause burning, itchy or tired eyes, loss of focus, blurred vision, double vision for them. Eye diseases are increasing in the world including Pakistan as an increased use of computers and watching televisions were main factors causing low vision in coming generations, he highlighted.
He said growing up in this digital age, it’s common to see children with their eyes glued to the TV screen or other digital devices, adding, although this may seem “normal” nowadays, too much exposure to the blue light emitted from gadgets may cause adverse effects on their visual health. School-age children also spend a lot of time in recreational activities that require good vision. After-school team sports or playing in the backyard aren’t as fun if you can’t see well.
He urged people to adopt healthy lifestyle to avoid Eye-vision problems and urged people to approach trained and qualified doctors in case of any vision related problems as most of the eye diseases were now treatable in Pakistan.
Dr further explained about ‘Glaucoma’, he said it is a “silent” disease in that you usually will not feel any pain or notice loss of vision in the early stages. Because vision loss from glaucoma starts with your side vision, you may not notice any symptoms until the disease has progressed significantly.