Eye cancer among children

Mehraj Altaf

The number of children with eye cancer medically called retinoblastoma is on the rise in Pakistan. According to the Child Aid Association(CAA), most of the children are suffering from eye cancer in Sindh and Balochistan. In Pakistan around 90% children have been diagnosed as the retinoblastoma patients. The eye cancer affects the children after they are around three; and it has already affected around 15,000 – 18,000 children. Its causes can be hereditary and non-hereditary. Nearly 90% of children are affected at the age of five years.
Every year cases of retinoblastoma are estimated to be 8,000 and among them 2,000 are from South Asia. The most source of being diagnosed is genetic reasons and many children have died in the hospitals, because they approached the hospital too late. I request the Health Authorities to divert more and more facilities to the hospitals and launch some programmes for those poor children who can not afford their treatments.
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