Extra water supplied to VIPs stopped in DHA

Staff Reporter

A meeting of DHA residents was held in CBC Board Room in which Vice President Aziz Suharwardy explained how extra water being supplied to VIP’s had been cut due to the support of the present Corps Commander in treating all tax payers equally.
He said this water had now been diverted to average residents houses and was being equitably supplied daily to all residents needing it three times a month on first-come-first served basis.
While patiently listening to complaints he told them that with the support of present Corps Commander, Station Commander and Executive Officer Dr Sajjad planning was being done to enhance the water Supply.
This strategy has enabled 10,000 residents to get more water supply from last April. On residents’ demand for more frequent tankers he explained that as per water wing report 14 MGD was needed in CBC area but KW SB was only supplying an average of 6.5 MGD.
Residents were also apprised of the plan to set up 4 Reverse Osmosis Plants to augment the water supply for residents. The Reverse Osmosis Plants have been approved by the Board and it is hoped to have the first running in 6-8 months if all went as scheduled.
Each Reverse Osmosis Plant would allow CBC to provide 100 more tankers daily to houses.
After all 4 Reverse Osmosis Plants were functional 400 more tankers could be supplied daily leading to substantial improvement.
He thanked Director MLC, Karachi Khurshid Ahmed Khan for his invaluable support in this regard.
On residents’ demand that challan for two tankers be given during one visit to CBC he assured them that after discussing all modalities he will revert back to them next week after requisite home work was done.

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