Extension of courts should not be limited to specific part of FATA

Sophia Siddiqui


The extension of Courts to FATA should not be limited to any specific part, rather it needs to be extended to the entire area forthwith, by adopting the proposed amendments submitted with the Senate. This was said by Senator Farhatullah in a seminar on: Extending the Courts to FATA, arranged by Shaheed Bhutto Foundation (SBF), here on Thursday at National Press Club.
“We’ve submitted amendments in the Senate on an earlier passed Bill by the National Assembly,” he told to the audience that was attended by parliamentarians, legal experts, civil society activists and selected number of tribal leaders. “The way Provincially Administered Tribal Areas (PATA) were integrated with the rest of country way back in 1973, that mode offers very sound legal grounds to follow on the Courts extension to the FATA,” he added.
Senator Babar also raised the issue of taxation in the FATA, where he told to the audience that sitting government very recently admitted on the floor of National Assembly that the system of Rahdari or Permit, had been a great provision of illegal taxation in the entire region of FATA, which should also end in the reform package so that harmonization of its financial system could also be synchronized with the rest of country.
Justice ® Ajmal M Mian, who also headed the FATA Reforms Committee in 2011 during the last PPP government, told to the audience that, the colonial instrument of Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR), in actual was an amended and extended form of the Punjab Crimes Regulation (PCR). He credited to the last PPP Govt that, it was able to propose some drastic amendments in the FCR that also remained unimplemented, unfortunately till to date due to some unforeseen political and administrative compulsions.

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