Exports turn around

Continuous declining trend in country’s exports during the last couple of years has been a source of great concern not only for the federal government but also for the exporters as well as the people at large. Exports not only contribute towards building of country’s foreign exchange reserves along with home remittances by Pakistanis immigrants but also reduce somewhat negative impact of imports which are essentially required by industrial and other sectors to a great extent. The widening or lesser gap between exports and imports also have positive or negative impact on country’s trade deficit which should better remain under check and control.
In view of this persisting declining trend in exports, the prime minister had announced a hefty exports package of Rs 180 billion in January 2017 to stem the rout and bring about turn around in exports through incentives and accelerated efforts by the exporters.
Quite obviously this is positive that the country’s exports have started showing upward trend and registered a good growth during the period under report and hopefully this positive trend will continue in the months to come. This is only a beginning in the right direction. As mentioned above, this is the first positive indication of the impact of Rs 180 billion incentive package announced by the former prime minister for the exporters and result of the determined efforts by the exporters. Hopefully, the exports will continue making accelerated efforts in boosting exports of their products in still increased volume and also keep searching new markets abroad in cooperation with official bodies for Pakistan’s manufactured goods, textile products, fruit and other exportable goods which possibly have demand in foreign countries.

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