Export refund claims to be addressed by FBR not TDAP

Karachi—S.M. Muneer has strongly refuted the statement of Haji Ghulam Ali about making him responsible for the piling up of Export Refunds. He said that he has taken up the matter at the highest level and has been constantly following the issue. The issue needs to be resolved by FBR and not TDAP. TDAP has no control on such refunds.
Haji Ghulam Ali lost the elections and news reflects the vindictive mind of a person who could neither promote the trade interests of the businessmen nor win elections of the FPCCI therefore, he is now blaming TDAP and FPCCI with such false accusations. One thing must be kept in view that the promotion of trade interests of the country (with the government) does require decent and graceful interaction and behavior without being unnecessarily abrasive and uncouth. This requires perseverance, tenacity and skillful negotiation, which is an art, which is unfortunately missing from the language and behavior of the Secretary General of Businessmen Panel of Pakistan (Haji Ghulam Ali).
Regarding the piling up of refunds, it is worth mentioning here that the CE, TDAP is on record to have respectfully registered his opinion and the opinion of trade at each forum of the government from the FBR to the office of the Prime Minster; and this has been done repeatedly without mincing words.
S.M. Muneer, CEO, TDAP, has the honor of wining the confidence of the trade and is busy in promoting the foreign trade of the country. There is all round recession in the export markets, which has not spare even the giant export economies like Japan, China and India. TDAP has been doing its best according to its mandate. It has explored new markets; it is participating in more than 100 exhibitions all over the world. TDAP has supported SMEs, Women entrepreneurs and has been facilitating the business community on all issues. Above all TDAP who had been a tainted organization has reclaimed its lost credibility and the business community and even the Prime Minister have lauded its efforts.

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