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Karachi—When the Defence Central Library, or DCL as we know it better, was opened for the public on the 3rd of November 1991, it was like a colourful page itself from one of the fairy-tale books we were brought up reading so fondly–meticulously manicured sprawling lush green lawns, exquisite rockeries with fountains and floral beds that never fail to attract birds, butterflies and bees of every feather, cuddling a beautifully designed state-of-the-art dream house building that is known to lovingly, an passionately stack within its heart thousands of books and reading material ever so full of up-to-date information. Since then, the DCL has served as a hub of high learning and modern thinking. And since then, also, it has served as a prototype for all such havens of knowledge that one can find around the country, as not only it is one of the most orderly and organized places to bury your mind and lose your imagination into, but also one of the most comprehensive ‘arsenals of knowledge’ to arm yourself up with.
DCL in its essence represents progress, knowledge, information and literary excellence and all these traits constitute the foundation of intellectual progress. The renovated and upgraded library building is a representation of an enlightened progress in a general atmosphere of life in the country that is greatly dictated by intolerance and fanaticism. DHA attaches great importance to the promotion of knowledge and education in society and its multiple projects, including several schools throughout the city, are a testament to this commitment. DCL, envisaged to serve as a centre for excellence and intellectual growth of society, has long been a haven for students of all ages and academic backgrounds to access the multiple resources the library houses. With a dearth of libraries in Karachi, dwindling resources and a lack of patronage from the government, organizations and individuals, DCL however always practiced an open-door policy for those who wished to benefit from its multiple resources, or just enjoy a few hours of solitude within its walls.
Over the years, DCL emerged as a leading and most sought after library of the metropolis.

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