Expired items

Hassaan Aziz Qazi
Wah Cantt

In 2010, supermarkets and grocery stores in the US threw out 43 billion pounds or $46.7 billion worth of food, which expired according to the US Department of Agriculture. But the sale of expired items is a major issue in Pakistan, one that is affecting the life of many people. More than 100,000 children have lost life due to diarrhea-related diseases which were caused by the use of expired items.
In June last year, the Food Authority in Lahore carried out 12,150 inspections in which 1,000 eateries were sealed off and 375 people were arrested for selling expired items. The government is not paying required attention to this issue. I am afraid that the sale of expired items is being taken lightly by the authorities, and is proving to be terribly hazardous for the people. Those involved in this heinous practice should be dealt with an iron hand.

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