Experts warn of dangerous impact of RF radiations on human-health


Experts here on Tuesday warned that the Radio Frequency (RF) radiations caused serious damage to human-health and underlined the need of taking necessary measures to ensure safe use of cellular towers and antennas.
While putting towers and antennas at the public places, safety measures must be adopted against their possible radiation, they said at a seminar held here at the Institution of Engineers, Pakistan, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Center (IEP-RIC).
The seminar was arranged to create awareness about the dangerous impact of Radio frequency’s radiation on human health.
Engr. Group Capt. Jalal Uddin Sadiq was the resource person at the seminar, who gave a detailed presentation on the issue. The event was presided over by a senior member of the IEP-RIC’s local council Madam Frida Javed. Engr. Group Capt. Najamuddin conducted the event, as the convener of the Continuing professional development program.
The speakers included Engr. Zohaib Anwar of JD Aviation Sourcing and Engineering Services.The event was the part of series, arranged by the Center to promote awareness about the issues of public importance.
It also provides opportunities to the young engineers to meet their seniors and learn from experience and technical know-how.Jalal-ud-Din Sadiq who had the pride of designing Karkarum and other aircraft at Aeronautical complex, Kamra said that as technology is growing, the use of antennas in cellular and broadcast communication also increases that need attention in term of their safe use for human health.
Antennas are the main sources of producing Electromagnetic or (RF) Radio Frequency energy which includes radio and microwaves, used for providing telecommunications, broadcast and other services.
This raises the worldwide concerns about increasing need for controlling RF environment.Electromagnetic pollution is causing significant risk to human health from environmental RF exposure, he added.
In Pakistan, Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) and PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) a regulatory body which authorizes cellular companies to provides licenses to use specific frequency band.
He emphasized that the PTA should make awareness and take proper measures regarding potential safety hazards due to human exposure to RF energy emitted by transmitters.
He noted that cellular operators and vendors worldwide are using RF monitoring tools to ensure safe use of RF equipment for measuring electromagnetic field for their workers on site as well for public safety.
(MVG) Micro Vision group French based company designed and manufactured these RF safety products for workers and public safety worldwide.
Jalal-ud-Din said government should take proper initiative and proper regulation regarding RF safety products, so that each cellular operator uses these devices for human safety. Engr. Zohaib Anwar highlighted MVG RF safety monitoring tools on the occasion.

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