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7th grade boy commits suicide

Zubair Qureshi

Absence of interactive environment at our schools and lack of any psychological support or psychotherapy counseling to youngsters who usually suffer from adolescent challenges resulted in the tragic incident here Monday, when a 7th grade student committed suicide thinking he had fallen in love with his school teacher. Osama, 15, a student in a private school in the precinct of Tarnol Police Station took this extreme step after he was ‘rejected’ by his teacher. He was rushed to the hospital (Pims) but could not recover. The boy however was considerate enough to leave a note for the principal that he was doing that according to his own will and his ‘papa’ may be spared from any trouble for his action. However, Tarnol Police have taken the gun into the custody and started investigation.
Talking to Pakistan Observer a number of educationists and experts at psychotherapy and counseling for students at this age called for proper counseling of the students at school level. Besides conventional learning and education, we should also arrange for their proper counseling as at this age they are passing through physical and emotional changes. The child and adolescent psychotherapist can make a valuable contribution to understanding and managing the overwhelming demands placed on teachers and others who work in schools, viewed they.
As well as offering direct work with children, parents and families, the child and adolescent psychotherapist can support staff members in educating children and young people.
Drawing on their expertise in mental health and emotional well-being, this can take the form of helping teaching and support staff to understand individual children who are presenting in puzzling, disturbing and challenging ways, they said.
Unfortunately, in the 400-plus schools running under FDE and those working privately, apart from a very few, there is no post like ‘students counselor’ who can channelize their emotion in the right direction. According to a student counselor at a private school she comes across almost daily a boy or a girl who considers himself/herself fallen in love with a classmate or teacher. “We listen to them patiently counsel them and at the end of a brief session, they return quite relaxed and out of the danger zone,” said she.

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