Experts call for evaluation of sources, objectives of Hybrid Warfare


Roundtable on ‘Compound (Hybrid & Gray Zone) Threats to Pakistan’

Mohammad Arshad


Strategic experts, Monday, expressed their concerns over the mounting threats of Hybrid Warfare with observation that the country needed to evaluate the sources of Hybrid Warfare along with the objectives. They also highlighted the growing need of re-analyzing and re-writing the syllabus of Pakistan’s educational systems, as it would be the key to rejuvenate nationalism among the youth just because of the fact that Pakistan as a nation was in denial of its growing problems
While addressing a Roundtable Discussion titled ‘Compound (Hybrid & Gray Zone) Threats to Pakistan’ here participants pressed on a cohesive strategy to combat the growing threats of Hybrid Warfare in Pakistan. The participants ranged from representatives of all government ministries, Pakistan military officials, members of various think tanks, Diplomats and media representatives.
In his inaugural address the Chief Guest, Minister Defence, Defence Production and National Security Division Lt. General Naeem Khalid Lodhi shed light on various aspects of Hybrid Warfare, but mainly requested the participants to focus on two important elements while understanding Hybrid Warfare. The first was to recognize where the ‘will’ of the enemy lies. And the second was to ‘know’ who to attack and who to defend in the unclear parameters of Hybrid Warfare.
After the address of the Chief Guest, Air Marshal Waseem-uddin HI (M), SBt (Retd) gave an extensive presentation on the topic of ‘Hybrid Warfare in Pakistan’. The speaker explained the Spectrum of Gray Zone Techniques being applied globally. He then recognized the four domains to achieve the desired objectives as physical, information, cognitive and social, and then presented examples of each objective currently damaging the society of Pakistan from within. He also recognized the core objective of propagating a Hybrid War in Pakistan, as to ‘Isolate Pakistan internationally, and break the National Will of Pakistan’.
Ambassador Amjad Majid educated the participants on the Indian Strategy based on Chanakya 2300year old principles. He also suggested that for Pakistan to recognize its adversaries in the gray-zone conflict, it is necessary for all institutions to analyze the ‘Arthashastra’ in making their counter-strategy for regional adversaries. Dr Ashfaque Hasan Khan talked about the economic cooperation and sabotage as instruments of Hybrid Warfare. He conclusively said ‘Security is development, and without development there is no security’. The event was a success given its high-profile participation and fruitful input. The Chief Guest, Lt. General Naeem Khalid Lodhi HI (M), (Retd), Minister Defence, Defence Production and National Security Division conclusively said that he will ensure the incorporation of strategies against Hybrid Warfare in the upcoming National Security Policy, and will make use of the suggestive Policy Paper to be compiled and presented by Center for Global & Strategic Studies(CGSS) to the National Security Division in the days to come.

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