Experts advise citizens to avoid going out under blazing sun

Citizens have been advised to take extra precautions to avoid unnecessary outgoing into the sun and to keep their head wet as the blazing sun continues to bake the entire country with mercury level expected to reach 42°C or higher on Saturday.
An expected increase in relative humidity reaching 80 to 100 per cent will contribute to the feeling of discomfort from midnight to early morning for those who go outdoors, expert said.
Medical expert Dr Ikram Durrani talking to private news channel said residents should stay indoors as much as possible, especially during the hottest times of the day usually between noon and 3pm. They should wear all types of protective clothing face covers and sunglasses. If they have to stay out for a long time, use an umbrella”.
Besides taking these precautions, Dr said caring for the body internally is also key.
Dr IKram said those who are fasting may keep themselves hydrated by consuming foods that have high water content such as fruits and vegetables during iftar. When faced with an option between greasy foods and a salad, choose the latter.
He said sweating due to heat causes fluids and mineral imbalance in the human body and results in low blood pressure, low sugar level, shivering, headache and nausea. What one can do in emergency is to give a glass of water mixed with sugar and salt to the patient of heat stroke, put wet shawl or piece of cloth on him and keep him in shadow or indoor.
The level of humidity in the air is expected to stay between 25-40 percent. Met Office director Abdur Rasheed has also said that another heatwave can pave its way to Karachi on Monday or Tuesday.
As per synoptic situation, continental air is prevailing over most parts of the country. However, a shallow westerly wave is present over upper parts of the country. The weather forecast suggests mainly hot and dry weather in most parts of the country.—APP

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