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Expert calls for better awareness among public on ‘Heat Stroke’

Health expert on Wednesday called for raising better awareness of ‘Heat stroke’ and preventive measures among common people to prevent it from spreading further in coming days of hot season. Executive Director at Jinnah Hospital (JPMC) Karachi Dr. Seemi Jamali talking to media said public should be educated through awareness messages to drink plenty of water while limiting time in direct sunlight in hot or humid weather. “We have received a number of cases in previous years in which elderly patients fainted soon after getting dehydrated at home and were either brought dead or unconscious at the hospital.” Heat-wave is a prevalent climate related natural hazard and there has been a significant rise in the Earth’s average temperature over the last 100 years due to which they were experiencing such extreme weather conditions both in summers and winters.
She explained heat stroke can cause death or permanent organ damage or disability if not properly treated in time. Infants, the elderly, athletes and outdoor workers are at high risk for heatstroke. Dr Simi said victims of heatstroke must receive immediate treatment and recommended various measures.
She further highlighted main causes of deaths identified were heatstroke and de-hydration during summers. Karachi city be put on high alert and heatstroke management centres to be established at all major hospitals/rural health units and private hospitals.
She said awareness to be run on electronic and print media to educate people in heatstroke mitigation measures through written easy Urdu on pamphlets which were distributing in hospitals and other main roads among citizens. She said awareness campaign posters were displayed in each workplace, providing participants with safety bulletins that outlines mandatory requirements and educational materials needed to recognize and remedy illnesses caused by high temperatures.
“Prevention is the key word for protection against the sun. Whether you work outdoors or not, two to three glasses of water every hour is ideal. There must be adequate fluid intake because the ambient temperature is high,” said Dr Simi. “Plain water with lemon is advisable, definitely not carbonated drinks and not tea, coffee since that causes us to perspire more.” Workers who are on diuretics to treat hypertension, high blood pressure or on heart medication such as beta blockers should be doubly careful because these can interfere with the body’s response to heat, she added.