Expensive private education

Hassaan Qazi
Wah Cantt

Recently, I visited a few reputable schools in Islamabad for my brother, who will be soon 11 years’ old. I short-listed a couple of these schools. However, I was totally stunned to see their fee structure. The admission fee alone is around one lakh rupee. At first, there was an introduction of a withholding tax that has now become part of the outrage, which ranges from Rs 20,000/year up to 50,000/year.
The schools under discussion here are among the most popular, top-tier ‘brands’ of education. They have numerous branches in almost every city across the country, and are the kind of places parents usually clamour to get their children enrolled into.
The government’s attempt to prevent private schools from increasing school fee. I am afraid if school administrations continue escalating their fee structure, parents will not able to get their children in schools.

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