Expecting heatstroke

Heatstroke is caused by the overheating of body by the exposure to high temperature as our body can only maintain internal temperature within safe limits. In an extremely hot environment where our bodies cannot effectively cool down and when the temperature is 104 F (40C) or even higher, heat exhaustion or heat stroke can occur that is very serious form of injury caused by heat. Many people lost their life from heatstroke lately when temperature hit to the max in Karachi and we had experienced worst in the previous months of Ramazan. It is very important to make sure you’re doing everything to keep yourselves hydrated in this hot weather especially in Ramazan from heat exhaustion, avoid vigorous exercise stuffy environment. Make of a good ventilation system.
You can always help yourself by wearing light-coloured clothes and make use of umbrella to avoid direct sunlight. Increase water consumption most of all and go for fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid drinking tea and coffee as it dehydrates our body and take frequent baths to cool off your body. Let’s hope there would be no loss of life anymore on this count, the heat is also unbearable due to shortage of water and electricity. The government has taken notice and has warned electric supply companies that there should be no power shortage especially during holy month of Ramazan as people fast and its gets hard for them to take this heat.

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